Remember to celebrate!

For Agile, Scrum or just every day work life


Special occasion

The Speech

A good speech is prepared. A good speech has considered a point to make, which elements to highlight, which stories to emhasize, and the order of which all these elements appear. A good speech has been edited, and maybe reviewed… Continue Reading →

Pop it!

Have bubbles on the cool. Will make any celebration special.


Create an article on the milestone you’ve achieved. The project progress, a new team member, a special release. Publish it in the official channels of your workplace – perhaps there is a newsletter. Or send a mail to project stakeholders… Continue Reading →

Host an event

Invite customers, stakeholders, other departments, or other companies with shared interest. Make it special. Ensure invitation, music, dancing, entertainment. Maybe team up with an event bureau to make it extra special.

Add a feature

Celebrate by adding a feature to the customer product. Something new, something where the business case is not necessarily clear, but it’s fun, and you have a hunch the customer will like it, or maybe even now it from customer… Continue Reading →

Team Journal

Have a Journal at the office. Use it as a diary to capture fun quotes, moments, milestones met, observations, learnings, etc. Add pictures, or other markers to remember the team’s shared history.

100 Lights

When achieving larger number of something – 100 lines of code of a new product, 100 releases, 100 days of a new team – you can mark it with for instance candle lights or ballons, to emphasize the quantity of… Continue Reading →

Release mark

Do something special to mark releases. Dress up, put on a hat, put up a festoon of lights, paper, turn on a special light.

Escape Room

Escape rooms are located in most larger Cities. They are excellent sources of team building. One hour in a room to solve a riddle – and the team must work together. Arrange a meal out in the town, and you… Continue Reading →

Movie night

Go to the movies – that’s always nice. Or plan a movie night at someones home. Or plan a movie night at work. Get bean bags or comfortable seats, and pop-corn! Make it extra special with an invitation/ticket. The movie… Continue Reading →

Team mascot

Get a team mascot to the team. It could be a teddy bear, or other artefact that the team decides, e.g. something that symbolises the team, the product, or the customers they work with. Best is if it is introduced… Continue Reading →


Team members take turn on housing a “dinner party”. It can be as formal or informal as the team decides. Inspiration: In the tv-series “Dining with stars” the host must arrange a meal (1-3 courses), and some entertainment. The guests… Continue Reading →

Jar of inspiration

Use part of a retrospective, daily scrum or other session to make a brainstorming session on ideas for celebrating. Use for instance Brainwriting technique to generate numerous ideas. Make sure ideas are written on a piece of paper. Put ideas… Continue Reading →

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