Remember to celebrate!

For Agile, Scrum or just every day work life



Share a hobby

Get to know more about each other by trying out another team members hobby. If you all share the same hobby, you could also challenge yourselves. Ever wanted to knit? Try out claymaking? Gardening, building models, playing with LEGO, Mountainbiking,… Continue Reading →


Host a barbecue at someones home. Or go outside, to the park. Remember the sauce. And the beers. Combine it with quizzes and contests, or just enjoy the good company.


Go out on the town. Eat at a nice place. Enjoy some wine or just cool water, and feel good.

Get creative

Sit down. Find the low gear. Be creative together. Cut pieces of paper, paint, draw, create clay figures. Either as part of an exercise, or just for office decorations. Maybe for special holidays. Invite family, even.    

Go see a show

Go to the theater, or go see a musical. Unwind.

Go for a walk!

How’s that celebrating? Well your body will thank you. You’ll feel more refreshed after a breath of fresh air, it’s a nice way to chat up with others, and it’s free. You can combine it with a subject you wish… Continue Reading →

Fika (coffee break)

“Fika” is a swedish word, used for coffee breaks. But it is much more than a coffee break. It is a culture. Swedes takes Fika seriously, as an opportunity to socialise and restitute. No talk about work – the break… Continue Reading →

Drinks night

Discover the world of cocktails. Get a book on the subject, or explore the internet. Get some remedies and take turns on being the bartender. Variants Make them virgin, so that you can go to work next day 🙂 Arrange… Continue Reading →

Team robot

Acquire some fun toys, and play with them once in a while, to unwind and laugh together. An electric car, a toy robot, a quadroscope, whatever.

The classic (cake)

Never miss. Always nice.

Movie night

Go to the movies – that’s always nice. Or plan a movie night at someones home. Or plan a movie night at work. Get bean bags or comfortable seats, and pop-corn! Make it extra special with an invitation/ticket. The movie… Continue Reading →

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