Remember to celebrate!

For Agile, Scrum or just every day work life


Feel Good

Buy gifts

Buy tokes of appreciation for each other. Can be as small or as large as you agree. Perhaps take turns in being the gift-buyer. Or pair each team member. Or make an order in the team. Gifts could be the… Continue Reading →


Feel good about yourselves and mark a milestone achieved by donating to a good cause. Buy a goat, provide microloans, donate to a start-up company nearby. Make it a team decision what to donate to. Maybe decide before the milestone… Continue Reading →


Okayyy – crazy goes. But singing has all sorts of positive effects. And you don’t even have to be good at it, to reap the benefits. If you can pass the barrier of embarassment, and make it a natural part of… Continue Reading →

The Envelope

A special gift to you and your team members, that can have lasting warming effects. Do this exercise at a retrospective, and/or at holiday times, or at someones birthday. Make an envelope for each team member with their name on… Continue Reading →

Go for a walk!

How’s that celebrating? Well your body will thank you. You’ll feel more refreshed after a breath of fresh air, it’s a nice way to chat up with others, and it’s free. You can combine it with a subject you wish… Continue Reading →

Friday coffee (or beer)

Mark the end of the week, and make room for socialising. Returning events and traditions feels secure, and make room for getting to know each other better, which again just makes it more fun to go to work.

Remember birthdays

A birthday is a special day. Remember to mark it. Decorate the office a little (or a lot), or make other traditions, such as singing a birthday song, special hats, something sweet to the tooth, or whatever.

Fika (coffee break)

“Fika” is a swedish word, used for coffee breaks. But it is much more than a coffee break. It is a culture. Swedes takes Fika seriously, as an opportunity to socialise and restitute. No talk about work – the break… Continue Reading →


Remember to appreciate each other. Small remarks or acts of kindness every day matters. It matters to say it out loud. It matters to help or do something nice for each other. You can mark it with something extra, either… Continue Reading →


Wait what – is that celebrating? Yes, it is. The retrospective is place for learning, but also for sustaining, remembering and enforcing what went well during the sprint. A good retrospective also focuses of the team shared strengths as well… Continue Reading →

The classic (cake)

Never miss. Always nice.

Team Star

Create a star (print, cut it out, wood, or whatever). Write the rules on the back; Give the star to someone who deserves praise It should be at a ceremony where the whole team is present, e.g. Daily scrum When… Continue Reading →

Team mascot

Get a team mascot to the team. It could be a teddy bear, or other artefact that the team decides, e.g. something that symbolises the team, the product, or the customers they work with. Best is if it is introduced… Continue Reading →

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