Remember to celebrate!

For Agile, Scrum or just every day work life

Group photo

Good old fashion group photo. Spice it up by dressing up and adding props. Something relating to your product area, or maybe something symbolising your team. Make sure to print it in high quality, and place it somewhere visible in… Continue Reading →

Your personal mug

Mark a milestone achieved by creating personal mugs for the entire team. Take a pottery class and craft them yourselves, or buy premade mugs and paint/decorate them. Or have them printed out in the town with you own favourite quote,… Continue Reading →

Share a hobby

Get to know more about each other by trying out another team members hobby. If you all share the same hobby, you could also challenge yourselves. Ever wanted to knit? Try out claymaking? Gardening, building models, playing with LEGO, Mountainbiking,… Continue Reading →


If you can manage to introduce a culture of play and games at work, you’ve come a long way. Games are an excellent source of (of course) fun, but also of reflection and team building. It has potential to deal… Continue Reading →


Host a barbecue at someones home. Or go outside, to the park. Remember the sauce. And the beers. Combine it with quizzes and contests, or just enjoy the good company.

Time capsule

Collect a set of artefacts that symbolises what you are occupied as a team at that moment. Store them in a time capsule, and save it for later on. It’ll be fun opening it later on (half a year, a… Continue Reading →


Go out on the town. Eat at a nice place. Enjoy some wine or just cool water, and feel good.

The Speech

A good speech is prepared. A good speech has considered a point to make, which elements to highlight, which stories to emhasize, and the order of which all these elements appear. A good speech has been edited, and maybe reviewed… Continue Reading →

Get creative

Sit down. Find the low gear. Be creative together. Cut pieces of paper, paint, draw, create clay figures. Either as part of an exercise, or just for office decorations. Maybe for special holidays. Invite family, even.    

Pop it!

Have bubbles on the cool. Will make any celebration special.


Create an article on the milestone you’ve achieved. The project progress, a new team member, a special release. Publish it in the official channels of your workplace – perhaps there is a newsletter. Or send a mail to project stakeholders… Continue Reading →

Host an event

Invite customers, stakeholders, other departments, or other companies with shared interest. Make it special. Ensure invitation, music, dancing, entertainment. Maybe team up with an event bureau to make it extra special.

Go wild

Go archery shooting. Or shooting. Push your borders a little and feel the adrenaline.

Have a theme party

Or just a party. Out on the town. Or at the office. Or at someones homes. Maybe decide on a party “committee” who makes the practical planning and ensures the team agrees on budget etc.. Themes could be inspired by… Continue Reading →

Buy gifts

Buy tokes of appreciation for each other. Can be as small or as large as you agree. Perhaps take turns in being the gift-buyer. Or pair each team member. Or make an order in the team. Gifts could be the… Continue Reading →


Get a bell. Or a gong. Ring it at fun times, or to mark something special. Agree on something you wish to pursue in a sprint, e.g. testing early in the sprint, releasing multiple times during sprint, automated test cases… Continue Reading →

Add a feature

Celebrate by adding a feature to the customer product. Something new, something where the business case is not necessarily clear, but it’s fun, and you have a hunch the customer will like it, or maybe even now it from customer… Continue Reading →


Explore a foreign place. Or explore new sights in your hometown, and learn about their history and importance – you might get pleasantly surprised. Pretend to be a tourist and consider what you’d go visit. Alternatively go Geocaching.


Feel good about yourselves and mark a milestone achieved by donating to a good cause. Buy a goat, provide microloans, donate to a start-up company nearby. Make it a team decision what to donate to. Maybe decide before the milestone… Continue Reading →

Kahoot! yourselves

Kahoot! is a twist on the classical Quiz, providing an online tool in which everyone can create their own quizzes, and participate using their mobile phones. Use it to make contests and quizzes that are both fun and insightful. Add questions… Continue Reading →

Go see a show

Go to the theater, or go see a musical. Unwind.

Team Journal

Have a Journal at the office. Use it as a diary to capture fun quotes, moments, milestones met, observations, learnings, etc. Add pictures, or other markers to remember the team’s shared history.

LAN party

Go retro. Find old console games, or join in online games. Join country competitions or just arrange it at the office after working hours.  


Try something else, to get inspiration. “A hackathon (also known as a hack day, hackfest or codefest) is a design sprint-like event in which computer programmers and others involved in software development, including graphic designers, interface designers, project managers, and others, often including subject-matter-experts, collaborate intensively on software projects. The goal of a hackathon… Continue Reading →

Laughter course

In most major cities it is possible to arrange a laughter course. It will seem silly, but it is also a lot of fun, and can be a shared memory for the team to return to once in a while.

Jar of sweets

When a milestone is met, fill a jar of lasting candy, e.g. caramels, wrapped candy. That way, the celebration will last a little longer, and be a nice reminder of what you’ve achieved.


Okayyy – crazy goes. But singing has all sorts of positive effects. And you don’t even have to be good at it, to reap the benefits. If you can pass the barrier of embarassment, and make it a natural part of… Continue Reading →


Arrange for a speaker to give new insights about teams, productivity, customer collaboration, agile, motivation, continous delivery, automisation, test. Or find lectures, talks or alike arranged in the town. Go as a team, and reflect together. Or take turns in… Continue Reading →

Go adventuring!

Do something extraordinary. Try out a hot air balloon, go hiking, wall-climbing, water-rafting, biking, segway, motorcross, sumo-wrestling. Challenge yourselves a bit, get some wind in the air, feel the tingle in the stomach, and have fun!


Have a polaroid or disposal camera at the office. Have the team take photos of special events or whatever they want. Releases, A daily scrum, a retrospective, a birthday, a focused developer. Hang the pictures on a wall to add… Continue Reading →

100 Lights

When achieving larger number of something – 100 lines of code of a new product, 100 releases, 100 days of a new team – you can mark it with for instance candle lights or ballons, to emphasize the quantity of… Continue Reading →

The Envelope

A special gift to you and your team members, that can have lasting warming effects. Do this exercise at a retrospective, and/or at holiday times, or at someones birthday. Make an envelope for each team member with their name on… Continue Reading →


Send postcards from your trips. Share your greetings and travels with your team. Color up the office and hang them on the wall.

Share stories

Tell each other about that smile the customer had on his face when trying out your new product. Or about that new line of code you just made. Or that new tool you tried out. Or that new theory on… Continue Reading →

Go for a walk!

How’s that celebrating? Well your body will thank you. You’ll feel more refreshed after a breath of fresh air, it’s a nice way to chat up with others, and it’s free. You can combine it with a subject you wish… Continue Reading →

Friday coffee (or beer)

Mark the end of the week, and make room for socialising. Returning events and traditions feels secure, and make room for getting to know each other better, which again just makes it more fun to go to work.

Release mark

Do something special to mark releases. Dress up, put on a hat, put up a festoon of lights, paper, turn on a special light.

Holiday decorations

Make traditions around (some or all) holidays. Halloween, Easter, Christmas, national holidays. Decorate the office, dress up, create easter eggs in the code, make a quiz. Be silly. Have fun.

Remember birthdays

A birthday is a special day. Remember to mark it. Decorate the office a little (or a lot), or make other traditions, such as singing a birthday song, special hats, something sweet to the tooth, or whatever.


Share a hobby, e.g. collect star wars figures, lego figures or other artefacts, and put them in the office. Agree on when to acquire them – e.g. at release times, when somebody goes on holiday, when a major milestone is… Continue Reading →

Fika (coffee break)

“Fika” is a swedish word, used for coffee breaks. But it is much more than a coffee break. It is a culture. Swedes takes Fika seriously, as an opportunity to socialise and restitute. No talk about work – the break… Continue Reading →


Make contests, such as “Bug finder of the month”, “The one who gave the most praise”, whatever you want to enforce in the team, or just for fun. It could also be silly quizzes, each month, that could provide insights to… Continue Reading →


Remember to appreciate each other. Small remarks or acts of kindness every day matters. It matters to say it out loud. It matters to help or do something nice for each other. You can mark it with something extra, either… Continue Reading →

Drinks night

Discover the world of cocktails. Get a book on the subject, or explore the internet. Get some remedies and take turns on being the bartender. Variants Make them virgin, so that you can go to work next day 🙂 Arrange… Continue Reading →

Team robot

Acquire some fun toys, and play with them once in a while, to unwind and laugh together. An electric car, a toy robot, a quadroscope, whatever.


Wait what – is that celebrating? Yes, it is. The retrospective is place for learning, but also for sustaining, remembering and enforcing what went well during the sprint. A good retrospective also focuses of the team shared strengths as well… Continue Reading →

The classic (cake)

Never miss. Always nice.

Games night (or afternoon)

Play games. Could be; At the office, or out in town In the afternoon, after lunch, or in the evening Could be board games, cards, dices. There could be a game master, who arranges the game, or team members could… Continue Reading →

Escape Room

Escape rooms are located in most larger Cities. They are excellent sources of team building. One hour in a room to solve a riddle – and the team must work together. Arrange a meal out in the town, and you… Continue Reading →

Team Star

Create a star (print, cut it out, wood, or whatever). Write the rules on the back; Give the star to someone who deserves praise It should be at a ceremony where the whole team is present, e.g. Daily scrum When… Continue Reading →

Marshmallow challenge

Have fun with some teambuilding excercises. The Marshmallow challenge is for instance an 18 minute exercise, with simple tools, and a 3 minute video to support the theme. Expect laughs, Oh-nos and Ah-ha’s 🙂

Movie night

Go to the movies – that’s always nice. Or plan a movie night at someones home. Or plan a movie night at work. Get bean bags or comfortable seats, and pop-corn! Make it extra special with an invitation/ticket. The movie… Continue Reading →

Team mascot

Get a team mascot to the team. It could be a teddy bear, or other artefact that the team decides, e.g. something that symbolises the team, the product, or the customers they work with. Best is if it is introduced… Continue Reading →


Team members take turn on housing a “dinner party”. It can be as formal or informal as the team decides. Inspiration: In the tv-series “Dining with stars” the host must arrange a meal (1-3 courses), and some entertainment. The guests… Continue Reading →

Jar of inspiration

Use part of a retrospective, daily scrum or other session to make a brainstorming session on ideas for celebrating. Use for instance Brainwriting technique to generate numerous ideas. Make sure ideas are written on a piece of paper. Put ideas… Continue Reading →

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